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EDTA CaNa2 Suppositories

(Detoxamin®): Not everyone can afford IV chelation treatments. Therefore, Detoxamin provides the answer to halting the oxidative damage we all experience from heavy metals. Its efficacy, effectiveness, and safety has been clinically and scientifically proven.

Detoxamin has “rediscovered” Chelation Therapy with a new and novel route of delivery, and superior mechanism of action to intravenous treatment. The active ingredient, calcium disodium EDTA, circulates in the blood and is present in body tissues longer to do its chelating work.

This easiest and fastest method of chelation also fits in with today’s “on the go” lifestyle. Where intravenous chelation takes hours of sitting in one spot (a real infringement on a person’s time), Detoxamin EDTA suppositories work gently overnight, without side effects. And they are much more affordable than an IV treatment.

  • Detoxamin is new and improved method of EDTA chelation therapy and is the only proven alternative to intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy.

  • Intravenous EDTA chelation although very efficacious is also very expensive, time-consuming and invasive.

  • Detoxamin is a revolutionary patented Ca-EDTA suppository – designed to be used at night while you sleep.

  • It is now known in the medical community that chelation actual works by removing the toxic heavy metals which aid if not cause the arterial plaque buildup. It appears that these toxic metals build up in our systems and suppress the production of vital substances essential for normal circulation like that produced by the endothelial known as prostacyclin, nitric oxide and heparin-all vital for your body to maintain normal blood flow.

  • Detoxamin’s long lasting EDTA is actually bi-phasic, where the EDTA blood levels fluctuate up and down over time as the EDTA makes its way through the body picking up toxic metals. One major difference is Detoxamin has a higher EDTA soft tissue absorption—which effectively “tickles” out the heavy metals where the body is storing and tucking them away.